Weekend Getaway at Le Meridien Columbus, The Joseph

Kenny and I wanted to celebrate Valentine’s Day a little different this year especially since it was our first as a married couple. We ended up celebrating the weekend before at Le Meridien Columbus, The Joseph in downtown Columbus, Ohio just 20 minutes from home. It is our favorite hotel in Columbus, and where I stayed the night before my wedding and got ready for the big day. It is sleek, sophisticated and modern with a great bar/restaurant and a fabulous spa.

We headed over Friday afternoon and checked into the most gorgeous suite with our pup Penny. We had the BEST view of the city from our room, so we popped open a bottle of rose and had a few sips before our massage therapists came down to get us. They came straight to our room and escorted us down to the spa. If you saw my previous post about the bridal suite, you know how fabulous it is! Their spa is so dreamy. The soaking tub overlooks downtown, and you can catch a gorgeous sunset from it if you get a later massage time. After you get your spa service, you have the suite for up to 30 minutes. You can either take a relaxing bath, shower or relax on the heated chair, which is so cozy! I sat on it before I got into my wedding gown, ha!

The massage itself was one of the best I’ve ever had that I had to ask if anyone could make an appointment or if it was just for guests at the hotel. I found out anyone can make an appointment at the spa, so I will definitely be back. The spa has its own curated oils for your massage, and since Kenny and I were going out for some drinks later that night, I chose the energizing blend which was a mix of citrus and greens…So yummy. I have to admit I kind of fell asleep for a bit because it was so relaxing in there. After our massages, Kenny and I just relaxed in the spa room before heading back up to our suite.

Since the Joseph is located in the heart of everything we were able to take a little walk with our dog down to some local boutiques and did a little shopping. That is a luxury to Kenny and me since we live in the burbs and don’t live near anything that is walkable. We love the hustle and bustle of city life and convenience. We enjoyed a really lovely dinner at a local restaurant before heading back to Soul at The Joseph located right in the lobby of the hotel, and it was jammin! We had some signature cocktails and chatted it up with some people before calling it a night. It was the perfect staycation that had all of our favorite things. A luxury suite with beautiful views, the most fantastic spa (our favorite) and a good bar with good drinks. It was the perfect way to spend an early Valentine’s Day together.

P.S. we also joined Soul at The Joseph for their pooches and smooches event that took place on Valentine’s Day that was all about the pups. Yes, we are dog lovers! There had to have been at least 30 dogs in the lobby of the hotel where there was a whipped cream station for your fur babies, and photo opportunities. We had so much letting our babies socialize with other 614 dogs!


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