Botox and Filler at Columbus Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery

I am so excited and honored to be working with Columbus Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery, and beyond excited to share my first treatments I had done with Dr. Treece. You all know how candid I am about botox and fillers which has made you guys comfortable enough to reach out to me to ask all the questions and even get your own treatments done. I love it!

A little refresher, I started getting botox done in 2015 for preventative measures. I have always been a bit of a sun goddess and started noticing significant changes in my skin in my mid 20’s. I am all about aging gracefully, but I also don’t mind a little help to enhance what I already have : ) The area in which I get injections are a bit in the forehead, and around my eyes (crows feet), so nothing too crazy. It just gives my skin a little boost and a refreshed look while still having my natural lines! I have never used any topical numbing for Botox because it is virtually painless. You will feel maybe a couple of light pinches that lasts only seconds, but honestly, I don’t feel much of anything!

Before my wedding this past July, I started getting a little JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® in my cheeks which is simply filler to help plump, and lift the cheeks. I thought getting my lips done was my favorite injection, but I was wrong, ha! I just love the subtle lift that Voluma gives your face without looking heavy or unnatural. Over time we lose the fat padding and facial volume which only comes with aging. JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® simply adds back the fullness while giving the face a little more structure. In my opinion, it is completely painless, and I couldn’t even feel the syringe going into my cheek! Like Botox, you don’t need any topical numbing which I love. During the treatment below, I felt absolutely NOTHING!

You will see that we first started out with a consultation where I addressed my concerns while Dr. Treece looked over everything and made his suggestions. The appointment was thorough and very seamless! You can expect to carve out about 30-45 minutes of your day when you go in just for treatment depending on what you are getting. I am so happy with my results, and can’t wait to continue seeing Dr. Treece at Columbus Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery.

CAPS from Stephanie Knox on Vimeo.


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