How I Got Started With Essential Oils

What was supposed to be a regular trip to a holiday open house turned into the start of a new chapter in my life. I’m usually very social at these types of events, and this open house was no different; I struck up many conversations that night, but one would turn into many more conversations and a long lasting friendship.

I met an empowered and professional woman named Jodi who was there who shared a little bit about Doterra Essential Oils. Jodi has a unique charm about her that to this day, will light up a room and make anyone feel great! I was in the midst of wedding planning and my nerves, and stress was at the highest it had been in a while which is to be expected during such an exciting time.

Throughout the last year, I’ve learned more and more about Doterra’s oil collection and can understand why Jodi is always gleaming with empowerment and positivity – the oils make me feel great, too! I have always been a bit skeptical of different over the counter substances and supplements and wanted to stop using them. Doterra Oils are different – they are natural oils found in the world around us. You can diffuse them, massage them into your skin, and even ingest some.

It started with a few oils to diffuse, and as I learned more about them, I began adding oils into some of my daily routines. From making relaxing restful oil blends made at my bridal shower to supplements I took for my nerves, Doterra Oils have become an everyday essential for me. I’m someone who wants to stay healthy, so naturally one of my favorite oils is Doterra’s On Guard blend. Not only is it a fantastic cleaner, but it also smells incredible! It is the perfect oil for travel as well because its great for immune support! Kenny and I have been traveling a ton especially right before our wedding, so it was imperative to avoid pesky germs!

All of this learning, loving, and living with the oils has been a new and unexpected relationship for me, and one that has changed my life. In addition to learning about different oils and how to apply them to everyday life, I have been inspired by an empowered woman whose passion is to help others, and that is all I want to do to. Oils help with so many different things in one’s life. It is pretty magical if you ask me. I am going to start sharing more of my favorite oils and what the benefits are for you guys because I want to be able to help you just like I was!

Currently my two favorite oils. Whisper- a blend for women that can be used for a unique fragrance. I put this on my pulse points and also on my scarves!! It smells heavenly. Pink pepper is Doterra’s newest blend that supports a healthy immune system, helps with digestion and is relaxing. It also smells amazing!


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