How I Got Started With Essential Oils

What was supposed to be a regular trip to a holiday open house turned into the start of a new chapter in my life. I’m usually very social at these types of events, and this open house was no different; I struck up many conversations that night, but one would turn into many more conversations and a long lasting friendship.

I met an empowered and professional woman named Jodi who was there who shared a little bit about Doterra Essential Oils. Jodi has a unique charm about her that to this day, will light up a room and make anyone feel great! I was in the midst of wedding planning and my nerves, and stress was at the highest it had been in a while which is to be expected during such an exciting time.

Throughout the last year, I’ve learned more and more about Doterra’s oil collection and can understand why Jodi is always gleaming with empowerment and positivity – the oils make me feel great, too! I have always been a bit skeptical of different over the counter substances and supplements and wanted to stop using them. Doterra Oils are different – they are natural oils found in the world around us. You can diffuse them, massage them into your skin, and even ingest some.

It started with a few oils to diffuse, and as I learned more about them, I began adding oils into some of my daily routines. From making relaxing restful oil blends made at my bridal shower to supplements I took for my nerves, Doterra Oils have become an everyday essential for me. I’m someone who wants to stay healthy, so naturally one of my favorite oils is Doterra’s On Guard blend. Not only is it a fantastic cleaner, but it also smells incredible! It is the perfect oil for travel as well because its great for immune support! Kenny and I have been traveling a ton especially right before our wedding, so it was imperative to avoid pesky germs!

All of this learning, loving, and living with the oils has been a new and unexpected relationship for me, and one that has changed my life. In addition to learning about different oils and how to apply them to everyday life, I have been inspired by an empowered woman whose passion is to help others, and that is all I want to do to. Oils help with so many different things in one’s life. It is pretty magical if you ask me. I am going to start sharing more of my favorite oils and what the benefits are for you guys because I want to be able to help you just like I was!

Currently my two favorite oils. Whisper- a blend for women that can be used for a unique fragrance. I put this on my pulse points and also on my scarves!! It smells heavenly. Pink pepper is Doterra’s newest blend that supports a healthy immune system, helps with digestion and is relaxing. It also smells amazing!


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    While Covid cases are falling and the vaccine programme
    has been hailed a success by many, the £14 billion pound UK wedding industry says it’s still reeling from
    the prospect that large gatherings could remain banned until
    2023. Last week, top UK scientist Tim Spector, professor of genetic epidemiology at King’s College , said it could be ‘several years’ before big weddings, with guests flying in from across the globe to celebrate return to normal.  For the celebrants, photographers,
    florists, cake delivery toronto makers and millions of
    other people associated with the UK wedding industry,
    Professor Spector’s words strike another blow
    to an industry that’s been on its knees since March 2020. 
    The wedding industry, which contributes around £14 billion to the UK economy every
    year has been left on its knees by the pandemic, but many of those working in the industry say the Government needs
    to do more to help businesses re-build Speaking to Times Radio, Spector said:
    ‘I can’t see us having massive weddings with people coming from all over
    the world, I think for the next few years, those days are
    gone.’ A campaign to get the Government to provide a roadmap both for the wedding industry and couples who’ve been forced to postpone their nuptials has called again for the Prime Minister to set
    out a plan of action.  RELATED ARTICLES

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    Jessie Westwood, spokesperson for the What about Weddings campaign told FEMAIL: ‘We are
    calling for the government to provide a roadmap to re-opening that offers parity with other sectors until normal and profitable levels of trade
    can resume. ‘We are working hard to present workable solutions to government and ensure a female-led
    sector that contributes £14.7billion a year to the economy, employing over 400,000 workers
    in every part of the UK, can survive and contribute to recovery long-term.’Here, FEMAIL speaks to people who rely on the success
    of the wedding industry for their livelihoods: THE PRIESTFather Lee Taylor looks
    after four churches around beautiful Llangollen in north Wales.
    While venues are normally fully booked year-round with
    couples from all over the UK, Father Taylor says the pandemic has left
    pews empty, with no help from the Government to cover the
    £8,000 a year the church makes from both weddings
    and collection plates…   Father
    Lee Taylor, who oversees four churches around Llangollen in North Wales that are normally
    hugely popular for weddings, says his local congregation are feeling ‘lost and dispirited’ by the ongoing effects of
    the pandemic’Needless to say, it’s been pretty
    stressful for me recently. There should have been 21 weddings here last year and around the same number planned for this
    year. Most of these couples are now considering postponing their wedding until
    2022 because they want a big wedding with all their friends and family in attendance.   The cancellation of
    weddings has not only impacted couples, their families and friends.
    It has also affected our local congregation to. Many of us are feeling dispirited and a sense of loss.
    Our local congregations look forward enormously to weddings because
    they like to feel part of all the preparations and the ceremony. They
    enjoy connecting with the couple and hearing thier story of how they met and why they think a church wedding is important.
    It also brings back memories for them too as they think back to their
    own wedding day.The cancellation and postponement of weddings has
    also affected our church financially. The churches income (to pay
    for bills, maintenance, repairs and mission work etc) relies
    on the collection plate and the fees we receive from weddings.
    This is our only source of income. Contrary to
    what many believe, we do not receive financially assistance from the government.  
    Father Taylor told FEMAIL trying to make weddings ‘Covid
    compliant’ has been tough and that no bookings and the lack of a regular collection plate has since
    his churches losing up to £8,000 a year, with no option of
    help from the Government (Pictured: Father Lee Taylor marrying couples at his churches in North
    Wales)There are a few weddings still going ahead this year but
    on a small scale. I have to follow strict guidelines and am
    having to consider altering certain components of the marriage service as well as work out a COVID-choreography: how the bride, groom, best man, father-of-the-bride, myself and witnesses will move around during the ceremony. The father-of-the-bride and the best man are unlikely to be from the
    same household and so this is one example of how it fundamentally alters the format of
    the marriage ceremony.Looking more positively, Zoom has been a great facility.
    I’ve offered pre-nuptial blessings to couples over Zoom on what would have been their
    wedding day. Families from all over UK and, more recently,
    Australia, have joined in on virtual ceremonies.’  THE HAIR AND MAKE-UP ARTIST Award-winning
    hair and make-up artist Kirsty McCall, 39, from Dartford in Kent, has worked in the wedding industry for 15 years and
    normally travels all over the UK and internationally with
    her work, alongside her photographer husband, Daniel.

    In 2020, she did just seven weddings out of the
    100 that were  scheduled…earning less than £4,000   
    Kirsty McCall, 39, from Dartford in Kent, has seen her business
    effectively stop, with 93 weddings cancelled in 2020 out of the 100 she had booked in. She says she feels like a ‘shell’ of her former self
    The mother-of-two says her photographer husband Daniel, pictured top right, has been forced to take work as
    a labourer on £80 a day after wedding work dried up, and she lost £30,000 in work last year (Kirsty with her daughter Beau and son Bruno )We went in to lockdown four days before my
    first wedding of 2020. I remember being terrified and in disbelief at what was happening, I
    couldn’t get my head around the prospect of moving weddings and trials to future dates, I’ve never had to ‘postpone’ a wedding date before, wedding dates are
    always set in stone in my diary, it’s just
    how the wedding industry has always worked.Normally, I have brides book me two
    to three years in advance of their wedding dates, many have booked their
    venue according to my availability which is an amazing testimony!
    I do on average 100 weddings myself per year plus lots
    of occasion hair and make-up work and some commercial photoshoots.  I feel like
    a shell of myself, I fight on the days that I feel strong but those days are getting less and less…
     Hair and make-up artist Kirsty McCallAlongside the dozens of weddings I do
    every year in the UK, I also do three to six destination weddings per year, usually
    in France, Greece, Spain and Italy. I usually earn just under £50,000 a year and I’ve earned less than £4,000
    in the last year from actual work. The Self-Employment Income Support Scheme
    gave me just over £15,000 but I’ve still lost around £30,
    000.We’ve used every penny of our savings to pay the mortgage and bills.
    My husband has had to take a job as a labourer on a building site earning under £80
    per day. His wages don’t cover our family outgoings – we have two children, aged nine and seven.   A shell of my former self: Weddings that would normally
    have been booked up two to three years in advance have been cancelled,
    and Kirsty says the stress has affected her health, with an irregular heartbeat
    seeing her hospitalised in late 2020The week of Feb 22nd is make or break for
    my business. If a roadmap has not been given for weddings along with proper financial support then I will close my business and have
    to figure out payment plans to refund all 100+ brides over the course of
    the next year. I will have to find a full time
    job as soon as my children are allowed back
    at school. My physical health has also been impacted,
    in September I was rushed to hospital and was in a serious condition for five days due to my
    heart going out of rhythm. I am now on very strong heart-stabilising and blood-thinning medication and have been told to keep
    my stress levels down…keeping my stress levels down is an impossible ask right now.The person I am today is very different to
    who I was back in March. I used to be so driven,
    organised, focused. Now I feel like a shell of myself, I fight on the days that I feel strong but those days are getting less and less. My weddings for 2021 are flying out of my diary fast, I’m trying to not let myself think that I will lose another wedding season as
    I fear this will break me. If I had met the ‘December me’ back in March I would not have recognised myself.’  THE FLORIST  Mat Hepplestone owns Red Floral Architecture, in Manchester, which normally provides ‘extravagant’ flowers for around 150 weddings a year.
    He says the constant fear of losing his business has sparked stress alopecia… Florist Mat Hepplestone says
    he’s an upbeat person but that the last year has been ‘horrific’ and he’s been forced to
    rely on his parents to help him keep his business afloat Mat, who’s based in Manchester
    but does weddings all over the UK,  says the
    stress has caused him to develop alopecia’Last March, we thought our industry would be on pause for twelve weeks, how wrong we were. I was suddenly stuck with many fixed costs including rent, rates, eight
    vans on the road… the list goes on. I closed for two weeks, which was probably
    the worst two weeks of my life. I developed stress alopecia,
    which has still to grow back and I now constantly wear a baseball
    cap. I feel like I’m watching a business that I built from
    nothing fifteen years ago slip through my
    fingers.  Mat has managed to keep Red Floral
    Architecture afloat by starting up a flower delivery service
    and attending markets – but he says he’ll have to make staff redundant
    if there’s no improvement in business soon’I am not the type to
    be beaten and was convinced this wasn’t going to get the better of me so
    I single-handedly set up a flower delivery business and a pop-up shop that opened at
    weekends selling unusual homewares. This was successful
    to a degree until the novelty wore off. The financial elements have been hell on earth but I have managed to keep my head above water and pay the necessary whilst working 18 hours a day, seven days a week. Many of
    my staff are on furlough, which is a godsend, but I personally haven’t earned a penny since March and have received no help and am now relying on my parents to help me through this horrific time. I am
    a very much ‘glass overflowing’ kind of person so have not
    let this get the better of me, and I’m still convinced through
    hard graft I will save the future of this business.
    However, if large weddings don’t start again for several years…then it’s clear I’ll have to consider my future strongly.’ THE PHOTOGRAPHERRosie Woodhouse, a photographer on the Isle of Skye
    has seen 85 per cent of her income go in the last year… 
    Isle of Skye photographer Rosie Woodhouse (pictured) says wedding tourism
    is a huge part of the island’s economy
    She says that international travel and Covid wedding restrictions have been a double whammy of pain for
    many working in the Isle of Skye’s wedding industry (Pictured: a couple photographed on their wedding day by Rosie)The Isle of Skye is a sought-after wedding destination attracting large numbers of couples who
    marry and elope to Skye from around the globe.
    Particularly vital to our market are visitors from American,
    Canada, Germany, Hong Kong and Singapore in addition to couples
    and their friends and family from across the UK. Weddings are central to
    tourism here and hotels, restaurants, celebrants, florists,
    hair and make-up artists, photographers, planners and cake makers have
    all been affected, experiencing a dramatic downturn in business.We’re looking
    at the future with worry – and personally, I’ve experienced some real lows and periods of anxiety.

    The lack of a national roadmap for the resumption of weddings and travel (the two being intrinsically linked here) means
    that we are losing business daily as couples cannot make plans. Weddings have a long lead period from two years
    to several months and even once we are able to re-open it
    will take time for our industry to generate income again.Maintaining positivity has been difficult in the
    face of the business that I have built over the last decade suddenly being whipped
    from under my feet. I fell into the excluded category until recently and was unable to access support for the
    business. I am so delighted that the Scottish government has now made funding
    available to wedding businesses but sadly the amount does not
    cover the fees I have had to refund to couples, nevermind the fixed
    costs of running my business.  THE CATERERSophie Bampton, runs in Gloucestershire.

    She says 90 per cent of her business has been lost in the last 12 months…
    Professional caterer Sophie Bampton says she’s desperate to get planning and cooking after so long away
    from her normal working life Sophie on her own wedding day; she says she’s lost 90 per cent of her
    business in the last year’I’ve spent over a decade building up my business, and I can’t pretend it’s not worrying
    seeing it – along with so many other wedding based businesses I work
    with – slowly grind to a halt. The financial hit is one thing – and that is huge, our income stream simply stopped and we have had to reply on cooking Friday night takeaways in our kitchen to keep things ticking over – but the emotional side is also tough. I miss working with my amazing team and clients
    – I really miss the buzz and excitement of
    a wedding. It’s been hard to go from a busy team (who also rely
    on income from freelancing at our events) to home-schooling, which then makes it hard
    to diversify the business. We all feel a little rusty and
    out of practise, I just want to get planning and cooking!
    I know as soon as I’m back in the heat of it, catering for 150 at a wedding,
    it’ll all click back into place, but thinking about it after what will be close to 18 months off, is a little daunting.’ THE CAKE
    MAKERClaudia Green runs Greenfox Bakery, a bakery in Teddington, South West London,
    which specialises in wedding cakes. She says her business
    has lost £5,000 since the pandemic began, with bigger losses set to come without a
    roadmap… Cake artist Claudia Green says without a plan for the wedding industry, she
    can’t guarantee her future income Bakers are now looking at much smaller
    cakes as weddings downsize, with Claudia saying most couples are requesting just
    ‘one or in some cases two tier cakes”I think that scientist is spot on! The biggest problem we have at the moment is that until we have a road map
    of how the wedding industry is going to open back up, couples can’t plan their weddings with certainty and it
    means that we can’t guarantee our incomes. ‘I’ve had one couple postpone twice,
    and I’ve now postponed my own wedding three times now, meaning that
    2020 and 2021 income for suppliers has basically been wiped out! For the
    cake artists, we’re looking at small one or in some cases two tier cakes. Those that choose to have their small ceremonies are still going for it with gusto,
    it’s just significantly scaled down which again, means our income
    is not as predicted.A social media group called the
    Wedding Breakfast Club has kept me upbeat, it’s been so important in terms
    of trying to remain positive, and it’s helped chatting to people who are in the same
    boat as you. Of course, cake helps too.’

    Read more:

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