Lessons Learned During Wedding Planning

It has been three months since my husband and I got married, I can’t believe it! It feels like yesterday. It truly was the best day ever!! Now that I have had the chance to reflect back on the day and the planning process I have been able to put a post together on the lessons learned. People don’t realize just how much goes into planning a wedding, and tend to forget all the little details. I feel fortunate enough to have had a lot of help, especially from WeddingWire, a website dedicated to all things wedding.

In previous posts, I have talked about how you can find vendors through WeddingWire which is fabulous. It isn’t every day that you plan such a big event, and so you aren’t always privy to who is the best in town for things like your cake, photography and furniture rentals. Speaking of furniture rentals, it seems to be a huge trend right now, and one that my parents no idea about so WeddingWire saved the day on this one!! Where does one even begin to look for “the best wedding furniture rentals” right?!

One of the biggest lessons learned was about a wedding budget. So, before the planning had even begun the question I always got was “what is your budget” and to be honest, that was always a little difficult to answer. Most people have a budget in mind, but from my experience, I realized that it is challenging to stick to. You don’t even understand how many little things like signage for your bar and social media hashtags can add up quick! You also don’t think about things like the pretzels and waters to put in your welcome bags. Those items can add on over $500 easily. We never had an exact number to stick to for our budget, and I am forever grateful and appreciative for all that mine, and Kenny’s parents did for us! At the end of the day though, we ended up spending way over what we initially thought we would but its because we just didn’t know how much our dream wedding cost. For all your budget questions check out WeddingWire to run all of your numbers! Even if you don’t know your exact budget, type in an estimate to get a ballpark idea. Once you enter your budget, WeddingWire will populate all vendor suggestions based on that number.

Another big lesson learned that I suggest every bride does is to keep a checklist. This. Is. a. Must!! You have no idea just how many decisions you will be making, big and small and things start to run together. My favorite tool on WeddingWire is the checklist. It literally saved the day on so many occasions. I am a huge checklist gal, so I also enjoyed going back and clicking “done” on the list. It helped to keep me on time and also allowed me to reference back and see how far I had come and what I had accomplished.


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