Beauty Boost + B12 At Hydrate Me

The week of our wedding I started out with a TON of energy, and by mid-week, I had crashed. I needed a pick-me-up quick, and the first place I thought of was Hydrate Me in Grandview. They offer the coolest services one of which is an IV therapy. You might have heard about these types of services for hangover cures, but it is so much more than that!

When I walked in, I immediately was in chill mode. The decor is fantastic, and I love the comfy chairs and sofas you sit on while having your IV drip. I ended up sitting in a peaceful room to myself and watched “I Love You Man”…such a great flick. So let’s rewind, and talk about the different IV therapies you can do at Hydrate me!

All IV therapies are designed to replenish our levels quickly to recover. At Hydrate Me their in-house physicians have carefully curated specialized therapies that provide us with nutrients, medication, and vitamins for our bodies. The entire process only takes about 30-40 minutes at their spa, OR you can have them come to you! So, let’s get to the good stuff…IV therapies! You can get therapies that help a slew of things including migraines, jet lag, immunity, ultimate health, allergy, and anti-aging to name a few.

I decided to go with the anti-aging therapy because it had everything I needed a pre-wedding! The mixture includes B-complex which is a glorious combination of essential B vitamins (my favorite) to help boost energy and your immune system. Couldn’t we all use a little bit of this?! This combination can also help relieve stress and anxiety. You have vitamin C in this therapy as well which helps eliminate toxic “free radicals.” You also have your trip-amino acid for cardiovascular health and vascular function. The lastly, Glutathione that is a critical part of your detoxification system because it recycles antioxidants.¬†After my IV therapy, I opted-in for a shot of support with B-12. These B-12 shots are so fantastic and completely safe that you can do them once a week! It gives you that extra boost you need throughout your week.

After leaving, I felt refreshed, and energized! The whole experience was very smooth and relaxing. If you love it so much as I do, they offer memberships for either three months or 1 year! The staff is super friendly, and make you feel right at home. I highly recommend you run, don’t walk to Hydrate Me for a fantastic hydration experience!


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