Wedding Cost Guide With Wedding Wire

Wedding planning can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to expenses. Did you guys know that WeddingWire is the only brand to have a wedding cost guide?! This is the ultimate tool when it comes finding vendors, and the prices by your LOCATION! WeddingWire does all of the work for you and makes it seamless for couples to search for exactly what they need or want.

The average wedding in the US costs $30,000, but how do you decide what to spend a little extra on, and save on? Often couples underestimate how much they will spend, and I can speak to that! Once you do have your budget though, WeddingWire provides estimated prices on everything from the wedding band to the photographers. They also show the average cost for each category which is nice to see, so you can feel confident that you are picking the right vendors based off of what is popular in your area.

On the wedding cost guide, you will have the insight to low, average, and high price points for each category of what other couples in your area spent. This is such a fantastic perk! The tool sheds light on what to expect, and what things actually cost. If you aren’t familiar with how much things cost, this is the best tool out there. When I first started planning, I thought I knew, but soon realized things are much more expensive! Having this tool helps put things into perspective and give you a realistic picture, so you aren’t shocked going into it. The more knowledgeable you are as a couple on the wedding budget, the more prepared you are going to be.

See Average Prices: You can see what most couples in your area are spending on the best wedding services. For example, here is the wedding cake cost guide for my region.

Uncover Hidden Costs: This is a plus because it can ultimately affect your bottom line, so it’s always nice to know any hidden fees before booking something.

Plan With Confidence: With these tools, you can narrow down all vendors, and prices, so you know exactly what you’re spending. It will help couples visualize the bottom line and go into their big day feeling great!



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