Plan Your Wedding With Erin Condren

Planning a wedding comes with a lot of details, appointments, and a time frame. Sometimes it can be overwhelming keeping it all together especially in one place. I am not too sure what I would do without my Erin Condren life planner, so I knew the wedding planner was a must!

Details about the planner:

  • Monthly spreads– You can choose from 12 to 24 months


  • Quote pages throughout-¬†Get daily inspiration throughout your wedding planning!


  • “I DO” list section– This includes lists like wedding colors, styles and themes and most important wedding must-haves. This section also has things you need to plan by month. For example, 14-9 months touches on your budget, wedding party, booking your date and booking your officiant. You will also get a checklist from 8-6 months, 6-4 months, 4-2, 1. month before, the week of the wedding, and last but not least the “Stress-free-bride-to-be wedding day timeline! It is a life-saver and helps tremendously to see the list visually.


  • Vendor contact list– This is genius! Its hard enough to keep appointments together let alone all the vendors you visit during the wedding planning process. It has all the information like email, phone, and address, so you can quickly reference back.


  • Wedding menu– The menu feature is really nice, because you have a notes space to keep for all of your tastings. If you do a ton of them it can be difficult to remember which items you liked and which items you did not.


  • Gift log– I Can’t tell you how many times these lists can get lost, or are on a random sheet of paper that you can’t read. The gift log is set up to include the names, gift and an area to cross off to ensure you sent your thank you’s. It is so important to show your appreciation for those who took the time to share your big day.

If you are like me and need to see your lists on paper, this planner is for you. In today’s digital world, it can make things hard keeping track of all your important tasks. I prefer to have something I can go and physically open up, make notes, and see what I have done, and what needs accomplished. This wedding planner is also nice to keep around the house that way both you AND your fianc√© have access to your wedding details at all times.




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