Botox Treatment With The Skin Center

I recently had a great experience with botox treatment at The Skin Center, and wanted to share it with you! I started noticing lines on my nose when I smiled (almost like I smelled something bad, ha) that I just wasn’t comfortable with. Those lines are called “bunny lines” which can come natural but can also happen when botox is overdone! I can’t stress enough how important it is to find someone who is reputable, and knows how to inject properly. Stephanie at The Skin Center¬†has been a lifesaver and teaches me new things whenever I come in.

I also had my lower face treated around chin. For some reason I tend to make a frown with my lips which overtime has caused some lines, and unwanted dimples. With just a few units of botox around that area, they aren’t visible, and my skin is much smoother.

These treatments are not for everyone but if you are thinking about getting any treatment done make sure you do your research. I always say that this is my way of enhancing what I already have. There is a stigma that still exists within this industry, and if you have treatments done right, you will find that you can achieve a natural look.

*All opinions are those of The Bohemian Crown* 

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