One-Of-A-Kind Kimonos

Kimonos have always been a staple in my closet because I love the oversized, long feel and look to them. I was so excited when a friend of mine from college asked to collaborate with her for her new line Wabi Sabi Threads. Currently in Nagoya, Japan, Katie has sourced some of the best fabrics for her kimonos. I will be wearing this year round because it is so light weight and is extremely versatile.

A little more about the brand:

“Wabi Sabi” is a Japanese concept of appreciating the BEAUTY of natural IMPERFECTIONS & FLAWS. It gives permission for a more profound GRACE & PEACE with relationships, material things, and oneself. In Japan, if a tea bowl breaks, it is common to assemble it back into one piece and fill the cracks with gold. If something is old or broken, it still has value and does not always need to be discarded.

We believe that this concept is crucial to living a life filled with joy and contentment. It does not mean that you quit striving for improvements, but rather seeing the beauty of the unfinished, flawed, uniqueness of existence.

Our kimono and haori are one-of-a-kind vintage Japanese treasures. They have all been hand chosen, yet still may have minor imperfections. Any imperfections on the garment will be included in the item descriptions, but please remember to embrace the beauty and uniqueness of each item.

Let our kimono remind you to practice “Wabi Sabi” thinking and daily appreciation right where you are.”

Shop Wabi Sabi Threads and receive 10% off your own vintage kimono with code “BOHEMIANCROWN”


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