Product Spotlight: Wood Watches by JORD

Just because the Holiday’s are over, doesn’t mean you still can’t give the gift of a beautiful Wood Watch by JORD. Whether it is for yourself or someone special, these watches are perfect for the everyday look. JORD is unique in that they are made from different types of wood, more than 10 different kinds to be exact. Not only can you choose different wood types, you can also pick from several different colors and styles which immediately caught my eye!

I absolutely love the Frankie 35 series and wear it with everything! The dark sandalwood with mint really stands out making it an awesome statement piece. The color contrast between the wood and glass is sure to be an eye-catcher. I like the simplicity of the face, so if you are minimalist then this is for you. The watches are super light weight and very comfortable. They make it extremely easy to customize your watch by providing and easy measure process. I would recommend going up just a bit on size so that it is not too snug. I have a tiny wrist, but going up in size just that little bit allowed for the perfect fit!

JORD also has many other styles and colors and thicker bands if you like a bigger bolder look. A watch serves a couple important purposes and the first and most obvious are to tell time which can get away from us quickly, so it is always nice to have something beautiful to look at when you are rushing to your next meeting for work or appointment. Not only do we wear watches for their functional purpose, we also wear them as a part of our daily look. We style them according to what we have on and to express how we may feel that day. You truly cannot go wrong with a JORD watch for their unique styles, comfort, and modern look.

Shop This Watch: Frankie 35 Dark Sandalwood & Mint

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