Palettes You Need In Your Beauty Stash Now!

I am a sucker for palettes because I know I am getting more bang for my buck. I have rounded up must have palettes you need in your beauty routine that are all under $100 dollars…yes! Not only are they a good price, but they will last you a long time.

The first couple of palettes are from Tarte, one of my favorite cosmetics line. The first one is the Tarteist contour palette, which includes six shades. The best part about this one though is that it’s numbered, so you can visually guide your way through to a perfectly contoured and highlighted face. I am not a pro, so the smallest tips and tricks make me feel a little more like a make-up artist…well sorta lol! The next palette is also from Tarte which is from their Rainforest of the Sea line. This one stole my heart over the summer, but I find myself still going back to it even now. It’s all about cheeks and lips in this juicy palette and it’s all cream based with I love. It’s super moisturizing, and I find that it gives your cheeks a dewy look and who doesn’t love that?!? I really like this one though because I can use all these shades interchangeably.

Again, from Tarte is their Pretty Paint Box Collectors Makeup case. This gem includes 24 shadows, one blush, highlighter and two bronzers…but wait..that’s not all! This beast of a palette (which I don’t know if I can consider it a true palette) also includes mascara, eyeliner, and the famous Tarteist lippy paint. The best thing about this is it only cost $59 dollars. For $418 dollars worth of product, I don’t think it gets any better. I am not one to go through shadows really quick, so I know I will have this one for a while.

I have become a huge fan of contouring because I simply think it’s fun. You can achieve so many different looks without needing a ton of different product. Anastasia Beverly Hills quickly became a favorite of mine due to the fact that the contour palette is cruelty-free. I am also a huge fan of neutrals which she has a lot of! I have been using the original contour palette now for over a year and I must say it is pure magic. I not only use this to contour, but I have also used it as an all over bronzer and I must admit I have used it to fill in the crease of my eyelids and even an all over shadow. Palettes make for great shadows just a little FYI.

Having a glow to your everyday look really helps to brighten and illuminate the skin so that is why I have picked the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit. I mean look at those gorgeous neutral shimmers!! I am also a huge fan of Nars, and we all know the famous Orgasm blush, so this duo palette is another go-to of mine when I want some color to my cheeks with some shimmer. Again, you could use either of these palettes for eye shadows too.

As for eyeshadows, by now you know I love the neutrals. The Tartelette in Bloom Clay shadow palette is literally my everyday go-to. From the soft base colors to the dark plums it makes for great everyday shadow options. What I love most is you can create a really soft laid back look, but you can also create a more dramatic eye too. Another must have for shadows is the Too Faced Neutral Eye Shadow Collection..surprise…more neutrals. These shadows are super pigmented and again allow you to create a soft look or more dramatic look depending on your mood. Last but not least, I am gushing over the new Anastasia Beverly Hills Master Palette by Mario. Of course I love this one because of the neutral tones; however, there are some more bold metallic colors in there that I love for Fall.

Happy shopping, beauties!

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Tarteist Contour/

Cheek and Lip/Pretty Paint Box/Glow Kit/Contour Kit/Blush Duo/Too Faced Shadow/Master Palette by Mario/Tartelette In Bloom


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