Favorite Fall Wardrobe Essentials

So far, Fall 2016 has a ton of great trends, most of which remind me of things I wore growing up, so I am especially excited about that! From your basic turtleneck to a choker, I love how they have come back full swing and with a little twist.

The first trend I am loving is the choker….hello 90’s! I remember wearing these back in the day and never thought we’d see them again. They come in all different styles, colors and you can even style them several different ways now which makes this trend much more appealing in my opinion. Depending on the type of choker you have, you can dress it up or dress it down which is a bonus. You also have options with this past time trend. You can opt for a tight fit choker, or a style like the one I am wearing here. The bonus with this choker is you can wear it wrapped once, twice or even tie it in a knot for a super edgy yet feminine look.

I know turtlenecks haven’t always been the most ‘fashionable’ items in the wardrobe, but I have to admit they have always been a go-to of mine. For one, I think they are extremely comfortable, they keep you warm and they make any outfit look clean and sharp. The layers of a turtleneck add just a little definition and height which I can definitely use! There just isn’t a whole lot you can’t pair with your classic turtleneck, making this Fall wardrobe essential at the top of my list.

Another great trend that has come back full swing is the A-line skirt. I absolutely love the fitted top with more flare at the bottom. There are endless options on how to style this iconic skirt. Dress it up with heels, your favorite pair of booties and tights, or more casual with flats. Of course, I chose my most coveted turtleneck for this one, but can’t wait to throw on a blouse with it and my favorite pair of boots.

Shop the Look:

1. Black Turtleneck

2. Button Front A-Line Skirt

3. Mary Lou Flats in Bone

4. The Transport Tote in English Saddle

5. Chokers

6. Prada Sunglasses

7. Daniel Wellington Watch


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