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Now that Spring is here, it is time to do a little refresh to my beauty routine. With each new season comes different weather which means your skin is going to react differently. Some products I find I use year round, while others I use more in one season than the other.

I have rounded up 8 of my top favorite products that I am currently using and that can be used year round! I am sure most of you have seen the micellar water on the shelves lately, but I am a super fan of Simple Micellar Water.If you don’t have this in your stash, you must grab some ASAP!! With a cotton round I swipe it over my face and eyes to take off my makeup before washing. After washing my face I use more to make sure I got off everything. Micellar water gently takes off makeup while keeping your face hydrated. The reason I love Simple

is simply because they use the best ingredients in their products that are free of dyes and perfumes. P.S. they have AMAZING wipes as well.

The second product to make this list is Bareminerals Skinningevity Vital Power Infusion. This serum is packed with all kinds of good stuff and keeps skin hydrated and glowing. I will be honest, I am always skeptical of products that claim they will make your skin plump and glowing; however, after using this for about 2 weeks I noticed a huge difference. My skin tone completely evened out and had a glow to it. I actually enjoy going makeup free because of this serum.

I was so excited to partner with Deciem and try out Hylamide Subq Eyes. It is the perfect under eye serum for

puffiness and dark circles. It just gives my under eyes that extra boost to look a little more livelier. The other product that I was SO excited for was Hand Chemistry.As we age, our skins elasticity weakens and this includes our hands too! I received theIntense Youth Complexcream and just after a couple weeks I could see such a difference in my skin. They are very soft, and my skin is more firm and the appearance is much more smooth!

Most of you have seen Rodan + Fields splashed all over your social media and I must say again, I was skeptical, but finally broke down and started using the unblemish regimen. Suffice to say it is doing a fabulous job! My skin is super sensitive and I tend to break out a lot when I am stressed or when the weather changes. This is the perfect routine that doesn’t dry out the skin and keeps your skin clean and clear. Also, a plus about this line is if you become a preferred customer you get major discounts (woo!).

My all time favorite moisturizer is Obagi’s Hydra Lux and I will alternate between the Rodan + Fieldsmoisturizer and the Obagi. I have blogged about it before and probably will again because it is pure butter on the skin. It is super hydrating without leaving the skin oily.

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Oil with retinol is awesome for cellular overturn and another great anti-aging product that is cruelty free! This oil really helps with the skins appearance and just helps to balance it out. It is one of those holy grail products that you need in your stock, trust me!

Last but not least is Tarte’s famous Maracuja Oil. This is another holy grail product and one that I take with me on the go. You can use this oil literally everywhere. Face, nails and hair! When my skin is feeling super dry I use my Maracuja Oil and it instantly gives it a boost. The oil dries super fast. I also use this on my cuticles and nails. It is perfect if you get gels done because we all know how harsh gels can be. When I get out of the shower I will put some on the ends of my hair to help with split ends and any damage. It is literally magic!

Keeping your skin clean, fresh and young can be challenging especially when we have things working against it like weather and stress. If you aren’t using any of the products above and find yourself stuck with your skin I would recommend trying some of these out! Everyone’s skin is different so make sure you look at all the ingredients and if they are suitable for your skin type. Once you have found the perfect regimen and balance it makes life so much easier. Not only does my skin feel better, but so do I.

XOXO- Steph


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