5 Ways To Syle Your Hunter Boots

With a recent purchase of Hunter boots, I really started thinking about all the ways I could wear them and still feel dressed up and ready for work. Often times when I throw on my winter/rainboots my look goes from dressy to super casual and laid back. Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with casual, in fact I tend to mix a lot of casual pieces into my look daily; however, when I am going to work or even out for the night I want my look to be a little more clean and sleek. It can be really challenging to bounce around in heels while living in Ohio with snow covered streets. Once Spring approaches then we have the massive amounts of rain, and we certainly don’ want to get our heels or nice flats soaking wet!

If you find yourself in one of these situations like me, you tend to run for the nearest pair of winter/rain boots which can at times be clunky, unlikely to match your outfit, and not the most practical. This is where Hunter Boots come into play.

I just purchased the original high gloss boot in Graphite. I typically tend to go with all black, but couldn’t resist this grey color and its versatility. What makes Hunter Boots particularly attractive to me is that they come in different finishes, colors, and you can add cute socks for different looks. Personally, I think the high gloss finish makes this boot most attractive. Not only does it take your typical all weather boot up up a knotch, it gives you more of a dressy look. Long gone are the days where you have to sacrafice great style to keep warm.

Versatility is key for me, and I love that you can style Hunter’s with everything! I have worn them over a pair of black ponte pants with a sweater, my favorite pair of Frame denim and a button down, and even with an LBD and tights. It can be really hard to find a pair of shoes that go with absolutely everything, so this is a HUGE bonus! Another big thing that wins me over is if something is timeless or not. Hunter’s definitely have that timeless quality to them and you know you can keep these forever without them going out of style!

I have picked out some of my favorite looks to give you inspiration!

XOXO- Steph


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