Tame Your Mane

With January comes cold weather and dry air causing our skin and hair to become dry and not as bright. I am always on the hunt for that go to product I can rely on to make my curls bouncy and full of shine. Fortunately I was able to partner with Hairapeutix and try out their pre-shampoo treatment and the results are awesome! This product, made for those with hair extensions (which I don’t have) can also be used on natural hair as well.

The product comes in a sleek packet making it super easy to apply. The smell is heavenly giving off notes of vanilla and chocolate. You can leave the pre-shampoo treatment in overnight, and for a quick treatment leave in for 30 minutes followed by a shampoo. You can purchase the pre-shampoo treatment in a 1 month, 3 month or 6 month supply for your convenience.

Results were amazing. My hair was so smooth and soft I hardly had to brush through tangles right out of the shower. Once I blow-dried and styled it was full of bounce and really shiny. The moisture was back! If you have naturally curly hair, or simply just want a great deep conditioner I would highly recommend this product. Winter can give our skin and hair the blues, so brighten it up and keep it moisturized and looking beautiful all year round!

XOXO- Steph


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