Sugar and Spice and Wrapping So Nice

We all know how hard it can be to pick the perfect gift for family and friends, but it also can be just as challenging to find the right paper, bows and ribbon to complete the gift. Often times the packaging is just as enticing as the gift itself!

Anthropologiehas some of the BEST options for all things gifts AND gift wrap. I am a huge fan of wrapping gifts in kraft paper and putting twine or yarn around it. There is something so classic and organic about gifts wrapped this way. When I saw this chalkboard gift wrap, I thought how brilliant!Super simple and easy, plus you can save on gift tags and fancy pens. If you are an artist you could create something magical to make it fun. Marble print is always my go to, because it’s clean and very elegant looking. I especially loveAnthropologie’s marble wrapping paper, because it is handmade and lets just face it, it is beautiful!

Whenever I see bundles, or sets I get really excited, because I know I am getting everything I need in one and probably saving money too! Loving this wrap-up twine & gift tag set so much that is also at Anthro. You not only have options of what color you want to use for the tags, but you also get super cute twine to make that special gift a little more shiny.

For those of who you who like to re-use and not waste paper, these gift boxesare always a great alternative. Target carries a wide variety of different options that are under $10.00!! I also love gift bags as well. They can be re-used and I always love receiving cute bags like this gold and white sugar paper one. I have a special space for bags like these that I’ll use when gifting others!

Happy shopping and wrapping to all!

XOXO- Steph


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