Statements In Style

A statement piece is much more than bright bold colors or patterns. It is something that will get you stopped walking down the sidewalk and allows you to stand out from the rest. Style is something so unique to any individual. Being a huge fan of statement pieces, I always make sure that I don’t over do it so that the focul point of the look is that special unique thing that people see first. Have you ever gone to get dressed and realized you have a lot going on? I will admit, it has happened to me a couple times! Don’t stress it though there is always an easy way to fix this wardrobe issue. In this photo I have picked out two really unique and bold statement pieces that don’t take away from one another and flow nicely together. If you have basic staple items on like a tee, blazer and denim then by all means throw on your most outrageous, unique, dazzling handbag you’ve got. This FIGUE Love evil eye bag was love at first sight and I fell to the floor when I saw it. From the evil eye (which is a protector) to the dazzling gold coins and pom poms this bag is sure to be the all eyes on you piece! This tote comes in different sizes and color variations, but this specific one is on sale for $414…YES!!

I couldn’t just stop there, so I decided to add a few bangles that I knew wouldn’t interfere with my first statement piece. They flow together very nicely and at some point I have to set my bag down so it gives the bangles a chance to shine! This Ashley Pittman Muwando Bangle Setis so yummy. The black horn bangles with gold accents are very neutral and I love that it includes a bronze bangle to break it up. I particularly loveAshley Pittmanbecause of the detail and how chuncky and bold the pieces are. Even if you are just wearing a t-shirt and jeans, throw on some Pittman and your look is on point. Another awesome bonus…sign up and receive 15% off your first order. Holy awesome!

So that I didn’t take away from the two very eye catching statement pieces, I threw on a basic tee, an MIH Jeans black blazerand paired it with my all time favorite pair ofFrame Denim. There is something so simple, yet chic to a blazer paired with a basic tee and denim. Now, if you are wearing something with bright bold patterns or colors, then maybe choose one statement piece rather than a couple. If you have a more simple understated look with neutral colors, that is when I break out my most unique statement pieces and have fun! Feeling super inspired right now to go through my wardrobe and put together some looks.

XOXO- Steph


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